Who are we?

We, the worshiping community of the Frankfurter Diakonissenkirche, are people who feel connected to the Frankfurter Diakonissenhaus, some of whom have been associated with it for decades - and this includes, in addition to the Sisters (Diakonissen) of the house with their superior Sr. Heidi Steinmetz, and a whole range of people who feel comfortable and at home in our services. Our worshipping community is supported by people who volunteer their time. Be it in the choir, in the flute circle, in the church service or as lectors.

Many report that they are touched by the special "spirit" in our church and therefore like to worship with us.

We are happy about people (no matter what denomination) who come to our services and welcome everyone.

What is important to us spiritually?

We want to be a place that invites you to pause and encounter God. That is why the church is usually open during the day. We have a church that is close to the pilgrimage route "Lutherweg 1521" (Eisenach-Worms) and is therefore also a contact point for pilgrims.
We celebrate our services for and with everyone who feels comfortable in them. And by that we also mean you!

Our services are held in the Lutheran way, and therefore they are characterised by sung liturgical parts and alternating calls. This "stricter" form, which is unfamiliar to many at first, creates clarity and calm in the course of the services. It is important to us that it is not the pastor, the minister or the preacher alone who conducts the service, but that the services are an interplay of many. The church nurse, the lector, the church musicians and the schola are just as involved in the success of the service as the pastor. And of course the congregation is also involved with the alternating chants and calls to prayer!

What is important to us in terms of church music?

"... and I will encourage my mind to you with psalms." This is what the Advent hymn says: "How shall I receive you" (EG 11,2) This could also be the motto of our church music. Karen Schmitt and Gisela Jung understand their musical activities as working in and for the congregation. Music should be a source of joy, an invitation to pause and serve the proclamation of the 'Good News'.

For many decades, the tradition of psalm singing has been cultivated here at Diakonissenhaus. Every Sunday, the Schola sings the psalm of the week. In addition to singing and organ playing, the recorder ensemble regularly enriches our services.

Instrumental and vocal soloists also join in the monthly sacred evening music.

What are we looking for?

The Frankfurter Diakonissenhaus is at a turning point, which also means the end of much that is familiar. We are looking for a beautiful togetherness in Frankfurt's Nordend, church and neighbourhood. We are looking for new ideas to continue to nurture the spiritual and diaconal heritage of the nhaus Diakonissenhaus to continue to nurture it. And we continue to seek to remain blessed ones who turn to what God is entrusting us with here and now. And that includes contact with you.